Воскресенье , 3 июля 2022

Choose your next Liveaboard here…

Many people think that diving is a couple of days activity among other vacation activities. But you can make it so that diving becomes its main goal. Imagine spending an entire week aboard a luxury boat diving to some of the best and most remote dive sites on earth. This is a Liveaboard! Something that every diver should try at least once in a lifetime.

A safari boat is a ship specially equipped for long stays on board and daily diving. Such ships and cruises are called LIVEABOARD in English. They can vary greatly in price per cruise, number of divers on board, services and size.

Therefore, finding the best dive safari can be difficult. You will need to spend some time researching the countries, the routes, the dive sites, the conditions on board and of course the prices! It is worth paying attention to special offers, which are much cheaper than the main price.

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