diving safari in the Red sea

Brothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone: € 850

We will meet you at Hurghada airport!
Egypt South June 4th


In Egypt - for free
Airport - Hotel - Diveboat


In double cabins
Meals: 4 times a day


3-4 times a day
Night dives + Dive guide


EAN 28, EAN 32 - free
With a certificate


THE SOUTH OF THE RED SEA is a route for those who love the open sea and diving in the current. Diving awaits you on the Brothers Islands with their famous wrecks – Aida and Numidia, diving at Daedalus Reef, located in the middle of the Red Sea, and meeting with sharks at Elphinstone Reef, one of the most famous dive sites in the world.


Book your spot today on the Brothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone
Diving Safari for June 04, 2023.

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